Telecom Solutions

Telecom operators are constantly endeavoring to improve the quality of their network coverage by expanding existing telecom infrastructures and erecting new cell towers. To keep up with mobile penetration, many telecom companies build cell sites in remote areas where connection to the grid may be expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes not feasible. EXERON can solve all those problems. With EXERON, since access to the grid is not a pre-requisite, developers can easily power their cell sites, availing of the system’s hybrid, decentralized, standalone structure that supports energy production and storage. In addition to decreasing harmful emissions and providing an eco-friendly alternative, EXERON significantly reduces operational costs, especially those associated with general maintenance and diesel transportation and storage.

Defence Solutions

The EXERON Energy Management System - which can be combined with solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries - is the best choice for military installations to have their own mini grids, especially since these installations are mostly located in dispersed, secluded areas.

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