Mini-Grid Solutions

A mini grid is an isolated set of interconnected power generation and storage systems that electrify a small local community, such as remote villages or islands. METKA IPS’s EXERON is perfect for supporting mini grids and reducing reliance on the main grid and/or on diesel generators, as it enables clients to generate, store, and combine solar power with various other generation sources. For example, the system can be configured to alternate between available solar and wind power sources to guarantee a continuous electrical supply. EXERON is the ultimate solution for mini grid-powered safari lodges, resorts, camps, and bungalows, for it enables these facilities to give their guests the thrill of ecotourism and the comfort of having electricity 24/7.

View here MINI GRID SOLUTIONS Brochure.

Oil & Gas Solutions

METKA IPS provides a high-tech, specialized Cathodic Protection Unit. Oil and gas developers seeking to improve their cathodic protection capabilities can benefit greatly from this pioneering system.

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