Exeron Features

EXERON is All-in-One modular power conversion System initially developed by IPS for defence applications.

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Tech Specs

EXERON incorporates solar change controllers, DG/Grid rectifiers and inverters under the control of a single Monitoring and Control Unit (MCU).


From 2 kW up to 4 kW


From 2 kW up to 12 kW


From 2 kW up to 24 kW


The modular structure of EXERON and the host pluggable modules make the installation easy to implement.

Exchange of modules or power upgrade is easily done within a few seconds without any tools or special skills. The EXERON remains powered and operational during module exchange or upgrade.

2kw 12kw

Cloud Monitoring & Management

Different power sources can be connected into the EXERON: PV strings / wind / electrical grid / diesel genset. All of them can be controlled simultaneously and prioritirized according to the application and the customer’s requirements.


METKA IPS identifies and develops customized solutions to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing hybrid and off grid power market, with the award-winning EXERON range of power systems, designed and manufactured by International Power supply (IPS). Our solutions fulfil all the necessary requirements for effective energy management, affordable and reliable power supply and ease of operation creating optimal, cost effective solutions for our customers.

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EXERON is now operating in 55 countries on 7 continents.

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