Energy Unit Container

METKA IPS’s Energy Unit Container, an all-in-one-box containerized micro solar power station, can supply power to remote areas that lack grid connection or suffer from high diesel prices. This state-of-the-art system comes in a 10 to 60Kw range and is pre-configured, pre-installed, easily-transferrable, operational upon arrival on site, and packed in a standard ISO 20-foot shipping container.

System Components

  • Inputs
  • Connections to VDC Bus Bar
  • AC Power Output
  • Monitoring and Control spots

Tech Specs

METKA IPS offers innovative containerized hybrid solar systems with battery backup, which deliver uninterrupted AC power supply through our award winning power conversion technology (EXERON) to mini grid projects around the globe.

Our design is standardized for ease of operation & maintenance, but allows for customization in order to fit every customer’s needs.

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System SpecificationSCS 20SCS 40
PV Peak Power up to 70 kWp up to 140 kWp
PV Panel technology Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin-film PV modules
Total Installed Battery Capacity up to 260 kWh up to 520 kWh
Battery Types Compatibility Lead-Acid battery, Li-ion battery, LiFePo4 battery, Zinc battery
Load Capacity 60 kW 120 kW
Energy Management System Exeron Awarded system using Intelligent Control through smart Monitoring
AC Voltage Output 110 V to 400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Phases 1 or 3 phases
Remote Monitoring & Control Web / Cloud based
Scalability Easily Scalable Solution Parallel connection of more than one containers for higher output capacities
Provided Equipment PV, Batteries, Exeron EMS
Optional Equipment DG, Wi-Fi, Touch Screen
Container Specifications  
Standard Cargo Container 20’ 40’
PV Panel technology Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin-film PV modules
Internal Dimensions (L/W/H) 5,7 / 2,21 / 2,39 m 11,9 / 2,21 / 2,39 m
Gross Weight 12.500 kg 24.100 kg
Certification for Sea Transportation  
Air Conditioned Battery Room  
Suitable for High-Temperature Areas  
File Detection System  


Ease of Installation

The system comes pre-configured from the factory, allowing for quick and easy installation.

Turn-key Solution

EXERON is a complete energy management system. No costs and time are needed for integrating parts from various manufactures.

Advanced Battery Management

The intelligent battery management system of EXERON is able to extend the life of the storage system up to 30%.

Unmatched Reliability

The system’s modular architecture allows load sharing between modules. In case of failure, the output power remains unaffected.

Hot Swap Technology

Each individual component is hot-swappable, making replacement hassle-free, fast and able to be undertaken by low skilled staff.

No Maintenance Required

Designed for the world’s harshest condition, EXERON is manufactured to the highest standards and requires no maintenance.

Future-Proof and Modular

The modular system can easily be scaled up to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. Power upgrade takes few seconds. No tools needed.

Mini Grid Solutions

A mini grid is an isolated set of interconnected power generation and storage systems that electrify a small local community, such as remote villages or islands. 

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