Cathodic Protection Unit

Corrosion protection systems normally operate in remote, unattended sites. For Cathodic Protection applications, METKA IPS provides a high-tech, ultra-compact, specialized Cathodic Protection Unit. Oil and gas developers seeking to improve their cathodic protection capabilities can benefit greatly from this pioneering system. The system is designed to electrify the target metal surface and make it the cathode, thus facilitating corrosion prevention and significantly minimizing the negative impact of overexposure to water, oxygen, and soil impurities.

Available Models

METKA IPS offers customizable design, perfect fit for every site setup both indoor and outdoor cabinets with or without grid presence.

Grid connected
- CP40R series
Solar off-grid
+ battery
- CP40R series
- CP40R series

Tech Specs

PDU-Power Distribution Unit
(for all I/O connections)
Monitoring and Control Unit
Solar Charge Controllers
Cathodic Protection Controller
Solar Charge Controllers

Technical Data

FeatureGrid connected CP40R seriesSolar off-grid + battery CP40 series
Technology Switched mode
Installation Indoor / Outdoor
Power Range 20 – 5000A
Input Voltage 80 – 270 VAC, (1 / 3)-phase 24, 48, 70 & 100 VDC
DC Output Voltage 0 – 110V (incremental)
Max Output Current 40A / controller
Redundancy N + 1
Efficiency >93%
Dimensions (H x W x D) 44 x 225 x 245 mm
Weight Ultra - compact: 2kg
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Stored Log Events Number 21000
Monitoring Method SNMP & TCP/IP
Load Indication Yes, LED Bar
Fully Integrated with Solar System  
Galvanic Isolation  
Protection Against Short-circuit  
Input Protection Against over / Under voltage  
Output Protection Against over / Under voltage  
Working Without MCU  


Modular Hot
Pluggable Design
Robust and
Highly Resistant
Remote Monitoring
and Control
Precise Voltage
and Current Adjustment
N + 1
Compact and
Indoor / Outdoor

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