23 May 2018


EXERON, the world’s most advanced hybrid and off-grid energy system, was launched at a ceremony held on May 23rd at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos.

In the presence of over 100 energy industry experts including policymakers, engineers, producers, retailers and marketers, from the public and private sector, METKA IPS introduced and demonstrated how the EXERON hybrid system works and its impact on the energy sector in Nigeria.

For businesses in the telecom, oil and gas, military and industrial field, EXERON provides a cheaper alternative to the expensive energy from the grid and diesel generators, combining technology with innovation.

With the scalable capacity from 2kW to 65MW, EXERON is designed to derive optimum efficiency from all energy options. It provides uninterrupted output power through intelligent control of various energy sources: solar, wind, diesel genset and grid (when available).

Battery banks are used to store energy for later use at night time, for peak shaving during day time or to provide resilient energy to the load during grid outages.

 “The rapidly decreasing costs of renewable and battery storage have made hybrid power systems more affordable than diesel-based generation in most places around the world,” Takoulas Christos, Sales Manager at METKA IPS, said.

He noted that in utilising state of the art technology, an innovative research and development approach, and a flexible configuration architecture, METKA IPS is able to deliver affordable, clean power to non-electrified regions or unreliable grid locations in any part of the world.


EXERON is designed to generate, store and provide power for remote and rural areas. The system can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is also perfectly suited to locations with limited or bad grid power. It can secure continuous uninterruptible power and operates also as an UPS system. 

The power system achieves significant electricity bill reduction; a backup power capacity for the unusual case of power outage; the best protection for the connected loads is guaranteed since the EXERON output is galvanically isolated and supplies pure sine wave voltage.

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