07 December 2017


METKA IPS proudly presented in Ghana its innovative hybrid/ off-grid power solutions, along with EXERON, the world's most advanced power conversion system. The special event was hosted in Accra, on December 7th at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City and was attended by many renowned representatives from the local power industry.

For businesses in the telecom, oil and gas, military and industrial field, EXERON provides a cheaper alternative to the expensive energy from the grid and diesel generators, combining technology with innovation.

With the scalable capacity from 2kW to 65MW, EXERON is designed to derive optimum efficiency from all energy options. It provides uninterrupted output power through intelligent control of various energy sources: solar, wind, diesel genset and grid (when available). Takoulas Christos, Sales Manager at METKA IPS, said.

“Hybrid energy systems support power grids that combine one or more sources of power generation (sun, wind, diesel generators and the grid) with battery storage to deliver a consistent level of electricity and/or store unused energy in a battery or future use,” he explained.

He assured that the EXERON range of off-grid power systems, developed and manufactured by IPS (International Power Supply) fulfils all the necessary requirements for effective energy management, communications and modularity, creating an optimal solution for off-grid locations.

“EXERON technology can offer power independence for areas with limited access to the grid or bad grid connection, while providing significant cost savings. The award-winning technology features stringent modular design, easy-to-maintain hot plug technology, advanced battery management as well as the increased availability thanks to excellent system redundancy,” he added.


EXERON is designed to generate, store and provide power for remote and rural areas. The system can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is also perfectly suited to locations with limited or bad grid power. It can secure continuous uninterruptible power and operates also as an UPS system. 

The power system achieves significant electricity bill reduction; a backup power capacity for the unusual case of power outage; the best protection for the connected loads is guaranteed since the EXERON output is galvanically isolated and supplies pure sine wave voltage.

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