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METKA IPS, established in 2017, is the result of the joint efforts of two pioneering energy developers: METKA, a leading international EPC contractor, and International Power Supply (IPS), an innovative power electronics company.

METKA IPS builds upon IPS’s strong technical expertise in research & development and its unmatched ability to manufacture power electronics and energy-conversion technologies, as well as on METKA’s outstanding capability to execute projects and provide essential technical knowledge and financial resources. 

This joining of forces enable METKA IPS to face challenges in the hybrid and off-grid power market and provide customers with affordable and efficient power solutions for various applications, such as: mini-grid, telecoms, oil & gas, defence, industrial, etc.


IPS (International Power Supply) was established in 1989 and specialises in the R&D and precision manufacturing of power electronics and energy conversion technologies. Over the past three decades, IPS has delivered world-leading products and currently has a portfolio of 33 different product lines, including hybrid and off-grid power systems, rectifiers, inverters, frequency converters, and turn-key outdoors power systems.

With innovative products successfully installed and operated in 55 different countries, the excellence of IPS’s production capabilities has been well-received and recognized. All IPS’s manufacturing processes are certified with the NATO Military Standard for Quality AQAP 2110.

IPS has recently achieved another milestone by launching a new 16.800km2 factory with an annual production capacity of about €120m in Bulgaria. With a strong emphasis on eco-friendly technologies, the facility will be Europe’s first 100% self-sufficient, zero emission plant. Fully-autonomous and uninterruptible power will be provided for the facility via 240kWp solar modules and 24kW wind turbines equipped with battery storage capable of supplying sufficient backup power for up to three days. EXERON will manage the power and energy storage.


EXERON is now operating in 55 countries on 7 continents.

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